Doug Baldwin Found His Own Dream In Martin Luther King’s Speech

Doug Baldwin makes big third-down catches in Seahawks win

But at the same time, you have an opportunity to do something that those guys cant. Not that they cant, but that youre just as equally valuable for whatever you do on the football field. As for the life lessons attached to Kings words, Baldwin added, Its just that you can do anything that you put your mind to. Just because one guy is successful doesnt mean you cant be successful in whatever terms mean success to you. For me, it was I always wanted to be successful on the football field even though there were guys that were stronger than me, faster than me. I did whatever I could to give myself an opportunity to be out here and be successful. Baldwin isnt just a student of the game; hes a student of life. So he can relate to the way things were, even though he wasnt there. And it gives him an appreciation for what those who came before him did to improve his situation.

“I really thought that whoever got him was going to get a real steal.” In retrospect, 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh , Baldwin’s coach during his four-year college career, wishes he shared Hall’s foresight. Harbaugh has four of his former college players on San Francisco’s eight-man practice squad, but Baldwin is playing – and thriving – in Seattle for former USC head coach Pete Carroll . The 49ers visit Seattle on Saturday. Baldwin, an undrafted free agent, leads the Seahawks in receptions (46), yards (731) and shares team-high honors with three touchdowns. Baldwin could become the first undrafted rookie since 1960 to lead a team in both receptions and receiving yardage. “I should’ve drafted him,” Harbaugh said in a conference call with the Seattle media this week. “Kicking myself for not doing that.” Harbaugh and the Niners, of course, aren’t alone.

Maybe 2-2, instead of the first 4-0 start in franchise history. That might sound farfetched for a 5-foot-10 slot receiver who has 12 catches in the first quarter of his third NFL season, until you take a close look at those receptions. Without Baldwins tippy-toe effort along the sideline to haul in a 24-yard pass from Jon Ryan ends up punting from the end zone. The Seahawks dont drive 98 yards in 14 plays to their first touchdown, and they dont win in overtime 23-20. Without Baldwins 13-yard reception on a third-and-3 play late in the fourth quarter of the season opener in Carolina the last in his seven-catch, 91-yard outing the Seahawks (visit) have to punt the ball to the Panthers. They dont burn the final 5 minutes off the clock with a 12-play, 67-yard drive, and the Panthers get one last chance to erase the Seahawks 12-7 lead.

PREV of NEXT John Lok / The Seattle Times Doug Baldwin pulls in one of his game-high seven receptions, during the first half Sunday. Baldwin said he feels completely healthy for the first time in a while. Related Doug was a MVP today, and keeps making the timely and important catches. (September 8, 2013, by Bertrander) MORE Baldwin was HUGE today…Stud.. (September 8, 2013, by BobbleHeadPolish3) MORE Hard to argue with that Bertrander although I would nominate Wilson as well. (September 8, 2013, by Jon May) MORE

Ex-teammate: Luck can be greatest

Austin_Tavon 131011 [203x114]

He had a whole bunch of fourth-quarter comeback victories.” Baldwin was asked to list what makes Luck special. “He’s everything you would want in a quarterback, both as a pocket passer and a guy who can make plays with his legs,” Baldwin said. “He’s highly intelligent.” Baldwin also emphasized Luck’s ability to improvise. “There would be crucial moments of a game [at Stanford] where we needed to make a play,” Baldwin said. “He would tell me to go to a specific spot on the field and just throw the ball there. I remember numerous times he would ask me what I saw, and we would just makes plays on the fly.

An Angry Doug Baldwin is good for the Seahawks

“The fact that 32 teams in the league told me I wasn’t good enough to get drafted, that still resonates with me wherever I go, whether it’s on the practice field, in the meeting rooms or on the game field, I carry that chip with me everywhere I go.” It’s who Baldwin is now, and it’s who he has been throughout his career. “He hasn’t changed much,” said cornerback Richard Sherman, who played with Baldwin at Stanford. “That’s the edge he plays with, that’s what makes him intense, that’s what makes him a hell of a ball player.” So whether Angry Doug Baldwin is actually angry or just passionate, as he contends — “I wouldn’t say angry, I’d just say I’m passionate. Highly competitive, very passionate about what I do. It may come across as though I’m angry sometimes” –don’t look for him to change anytime soon. Baldwin does, however, admit that turning off that angry/passionate side of him for at least a little while was the best thing he could have done for his career.


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