Russell Wilson’s advice for young WRs

How Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson Improbably Became a Top NFL Talent

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“You really only keep 5-6 receivers, maybe. During a game and during the season, you have to be able to run those routes and continue to keep your legs fresh and take care of your body.” Wilson offered specifics when asked about Kearse and Bates in particular. On Kearse: “We went down to California together, and Jermaine was one of the guys that really stood out. Kearse, he looked unbelievable down there. He has looked unbelievable since we’ve been training here in Seattle all offseason together. He just has great hands, great instincts.

Work never ends for ‘football junkie’ Russell Wilson

Wilson hit four homers in the final round to best long snapper Clint Gresham , who hit one. And the home-run crown came with a joke prize a Chevy Montero, which was obtained from a junkyard and returned to the same facility after the event. But Wilson played along with the gag by offering, I said to the quarterbacks after we won, This can be our family car. Whenever somebody flies in, we go pick them up in this car and welcome them to the city. And it was a quarterback victory, rather than an individual triumph, because each position group was represented by one player in the derby. It was during the elimination process that Gresham shined, as he beat rookie tight end Spencer Ware to advance to the finals. And theyre all baseball guys, Gresham said of that trio having played baseball in high school and/or college. And this guy, I havent swung a bat since eighth grade. So I was connecting on those things. Gresham said he could have won in the final round as well, but sacrificed himself for the good of the team.

Focus on: Russell Wilson – Home Run Derby Champ

Seahawks Auctions

After falling behind to the Washington Redskins 14-0, Wilson played turnover-free football and led five scoring drives while notching the fifth game-winning drive of his career. Seattle went on to win 24-14 over Robert Griffin III and Washington. The Seahawks couldn’t repeat in the next game against the Atlanta Falcons . Seattle fell behind for the second week in a row, and Atlanta capitalized on its mistakes, winning 30-28. Wilson solidified himself as one of the top talents in the NFL at any position with his accomplishments on the field in 2012. Hes not OK with being good enough; he wants to be the best. The way he conducts himself and leads the team makes that blatantly obvious. Sure, his rise to the top was remarkable, but he has spent his entire football career turning nonbelievers into believers.

Second-year slumpbusters: Russell Wilson

That same question can be asked about the QBs in the soon-to-be-released Madden 25. The demo for the game came out a few days ago for Xbox 360 and Marshawn Lynch Womens Jersey PlayStation 3. Both quarterbacks received overall ratings of 89, which is not too shabby for quarterbacks who werent even thought of as starters before last season. Though they have the same overall ratings and they are the same type of player, there are a few small differences in their abilities. If you like to play a more traditional and methodical style of offense, then Wilson better fits your game. He is a more accurate short thrower than Kaepernick, 87-83 respectively. Wilson also beats out Kaepernick in scrambling situations with his throwing-on-the-run rating at 89 while Kaepernick sits at 87. Wilson has great physical capabilities/ratings for a quarterback.

Madden 25 Demo: Who’s better, Colin Kaepernick or Russell Wilson?

kaepernick wilson

(Wilson went on to play two years of minor league baseball but eventually decided to focus on football and transferred for a final year of football to Wisconsin, which he led to last year’s Rose Bowl.) “My husband was pretty out of it, but certain things you could tell him and you could see tears come down his eyes,” says Wilson’s mother, Tammy, a legal nurse consultant. “(Russell) didn’t freak out. He was resolved. He had peace. I think he was glad that he could come and tell his dad he was drafted.” Wilson, 24 and married, has an older brother, Harry, 29, who played football and baseball at Richmond and now works in sales in Chicago. And he has a younger sister, Anna, a freshman basketball player at Collegiate who is already fielding Division I scholarship offers. Anna is probably the one who teases Wilson most about his height. She says he “got the short end of the stick” and likes to stand next to him and remind him she’s going to be taller than him.

How short rookie QB Russell Wilson reached new heights


“We had him micd up. Hes fumbling snaps and cursed himself out a couple times. It was funny to see it, to know how far hes come in such a short time. It was kind of for the staff to remember that we might not see everything on the first day and to keep hopes that we can bring some stuff out of these guys. Its a great story for everyone. Perhaps most encouragingly, Wilson isn’t at all satisfied with what he did in 2012. When the dreaded “sophomore slump” was brought to his attention in June, he treated the concept as he did all the assessments of how a “too-short” quarterback would succeed in the NFL. I dont even know those words,” Wilson said in June.

“I was sitting down. My girlfriend was sitting right next to me. Right when I got that call and he was like, ‘Hi, this is Russell Wilson,’ I actually, like, sat up. I was in shock. I didn’t think I was awake.” Seahawks coach Pete Carroll smiled as the story was recounted in a hallway at the team’s headquarters after a recent training camp practice. He hadn’t heard it before about Wilson asking everyone in the building for Fells’ number before an assistant coach found it, about Wilson offering to pay for Fells and his girlfriend to make the trip, as he’d done for other rookies and veterans alike but it came as no surprise.


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