Which Quarterback Will Have The Best Sophomore Season?

I really hated this pick because as good as Weeden could be, hes 29 years old. If hes lucky, hell be in his prime at age 33 which gives him about three more good years in the league. With Weedens age already becoming a factor, its hard to see him as a franchise quarterback. Tannehill could be in for a great year as the Miami Dolphins acquired Mike Wallace through free agency this offseason. I think that these two players could be a great combo together as the Dolphins could become a winning team in the league. Griffin has a lot of expectations this year, but if he wants to be as good as he was in 2012, hes going to need to change his game around.

Russell Wilson And Andrew Luck Won’t Keep Up With RG3 In 2013

The Case For Colin Kaepernick Kaepernick had some good moments early last season in a specialized role, but his performance in his first career start against the Chicago Bears in Week 11 (16-for-23 for 243 yards and two touchdowns) allowed him to keep the starting job even after Smith was healthy enough to play. Inhis seven regular season starts, Kaepernick averaged nearly 230 passing yards and 34 rushing yards per game with 12 total touchdowns (10 passing, two rushing) over that span. Kaepernick continued to shine during the 49ers postseason run, particularly in the Divisional Round against the Green Bay Packers (263 passing yards, 181 rushing yards, four total touchdowns), and his first 300-yard passing game came in Super Bowl XLVII against the Baltimore Ravens . The Case For Russell Wilson Wilson only attempted more than 30 passes in a game three times in 2012, but he completed over 64 percent of his passes and only hadtwo games where he did not account for a touchdown. Apart from his 26 passing touchdowns, which were more than more heralded rookie signal callers Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III had, Wilson also had 489 rushing yards and four touchdowns to further bolster his fantasy value. Seattle had the most run-oriented offense in the league last season (536 attempts),due in part to Wilsons 94 carries,but the addition of wide receiver Percy Harvin may lead to a more diverse offense in 2013. Final Analysis The conservative offenses run by the 49ers and Seahawks keep Wilson and Kaepernick out of the elite class of fantasy quarterbacks, but both are solid choices as alow-end QB1 in 12-team leagues due to the value they add with their running ability.Of course that mobility also leads to increasedchances for injury, which addsextrarisk for fantasy owners. Since he has a group of skill position players around himthat are healthy right now,and for the most part still in the prime of their careers, Wilson is my choice over Kaepernick.

2013 Fantasy Football Face-Off: Russell Wilson vs. Colin Kaepernick

At the beginning of last season, Seattle was trying to minimize the pressure on the rookie with a conservative passing game and run-heavy play selection. By December, Wilson was the best player on the field. He led the Seahawks to the postseason, where they won a wild-card game before losing to the Atlanta Falcons in the divisional playoffs. In that game, Wilson marched the Seahawks back from a 20-point fourth-quarter deficit and put his team with 31 seconds of advancing to the NFC Championship Game. This season, instead of being an untested rookie, Wilson is a franchise quarterback viewed as capable of winning championships. Behind Wilson, Seattle traded backup Matt Flynn to Oakland and signed Brady Quinn . In June, they signed Tarvaris Jackson to compete against Quinn for the backup job. GRADE: B+ Running backs: There isn’t a back in the league who runs harder than Marshawn Lynch. That style has made him successful but also makes it hard to project just how long he will remain effective.

Braylon Edwards praises Geno Smith

“I don’t know if he can throw it with [Jay] Cutler or if he can throw it with the kid in Detroit [ Matthew Stafford ], but I know one thing: He can throw it. He’s got a really live arm. There’s no doubt.” Smith worked with the backups, but he’ll get a chance to lead the starting offense, as per the quarterback rotation. Ryan declined to say when he expects to name a starter, but it figures to be after two preseason games. Sanchez has been outspoken in his belief that he’ll win the job, and he came away from Friday feeling no different. “I thought I did well,” he said. “I felt sharp, I felt accurate, and I felt good with my checks.” Sanchez said the notion of losing to Smith hasn’t crossed his mind.

Second-year slumpbusters: Russell Wilson

So when Wilson does an interview and talks about his skills and what it means to a an NFL QB, people take notice. To help launch his new MMQB site , Sis Peter King came to Seattle to speak with Wilson. Watching Wilson speak with passion about being a leader and what it takes to make it in the NFL is refreshing. The QB has to lift the other 10 guys in the huddle up and make them believe Wilson clearly gets it. Hes just so early to root for. I embedded the online portion of the interview below.

Seahawks’ Russell Wilson: ‘I can’t wait to get started’


Andrew Luck, the… Via NFL Injury Report | 1 day ago Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III has been cleared by the team to return to practice. However, that doesnt mean Washington is willing to put him at risk during exhibition contests where there will be real and uncontrolled contact. Griffin confirmed yesterday that the Redskins plan to sit him for the entirety of the preseason, according to Dan Hanzus of NFL.com… Via Pro Football Zone | 1 day ago Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III spoke with the media today as the Skins get ready to kick off training camp. He stated he could possibly play in their third preseason game, but needs to be patient. RGIII says he would be capable of playing in the preseason in the third game if he’s ready, but at the same time, he’s not worried about it.

Russell Wilson: “We’re Not Running The Read-Option That Much”

Instead of throwing into double coverage and getting picked off, he would have been better off taking the sack or throwing the check this out ball away. NFL Game Rewind Luckily, teaching a quarterback to throw the ball away is one of the easier bad habits to fix. To Wilson’s credit, he made major strides in this area as the season pressed on. Towards the end of the season, he became more and more aware of his surroundings. He stopped trying to do more than he had to and let the game come to him. In turn, that’s ultimately what that maturation process is all about.

Russell Wilson Jersey Is A Rare Top Seller

And finally, hes a quarterback who led his team to victory in a wild card playoff game before turning in one of the all time great rookie performances in a divisional round loss. Its been said many times that people love to see an underdog succeed. and Russell Wilson fits nicely into that role. Another possible explanation for Wilsons popularity can be explained by the last physical exam I had. Dont worry, Im only talking about the moment where the nurse told me Im 5 9 and I begged her to lie to me and say Im 510. Unfortunately my begging did not work. The reason Im bringing up this embarrassing story is to show how people might connect with Russell Wilson.

How Russell Wilson Can Avoid a Sophomore Slump in 2013-14


By any measure, Wilson’s rookie season was one of the more successful at his position in the history of pro football. This could be scored, “Russell Wilson 1, NFL Height Bias 0.” (Getty Images)Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll, who likes to motivate whenever he’s awake, now uses Wilson’s example of development as a case study for all things. “Coming out of nowhere as he did and accomplishing so much so quickly … as a matter of fact, to start our staff meeting this morning, I showed clips of Russells first day in this camp,” Carroll said on May 10. “We had him micd up. Hes fumbling snaps and cursed himself out a couple times. It was funny to see it, to know how far hes come in such a short time. It was kind of for the staff to remember that we might not see everything on the first day and to keep hopes that we can bring some stuff out of these guys.

Sporting News’ Seattle Seahawks training camp preview: Russell Wilson-led offense, top defense make team contenders

Quarterback Russell Wilson enters training camp as the Seahawks’ starter, a change from last year. (AP) By Brady Henderson At this time last year, Russell Wilson was a third-round pick who splitting repetitions with two veteran quarterbacks during a training-camp competition that few if any expected him to win. This year’s training camp, which begins today at team headquarters in Renton, will have a much different feel for Wilson now that he’s entrenched as Seattle’s starter thanks to a stellar rookie season. Gone for the most part are questions about Wilson’s height. So is his status as an underdog. Expectations are elevated in 2013, not only for the Seahawks’ star quarterback but for the team in general, which has found itself atop offseason power rankings and been projected to reach the Super Bowl.


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