Jets see Chris Ivory as their Marshawn Lynch

Jets envision RB Chris Ivory as ‘a poor man’s Marshawn Lynch’

The troublemaking cornerback was/is scheduled to serve 30 days in jail beginning next March after being convicted of assaulting a police officer in an April 2012 incident. Dennard is contesting the DUI charge, saying he actually blew under the legal limit on his breathalyzer test. The arresting officer alleges Dennard did not blow hard enough. Rams officially bring back Will Witherspoon Rams signed LB Will Witherspoon to a one-year contract. The 11-year veteran spent 2006-09 in St. Louis.

Marshawn Lynch and the bigger RB picture

“Just the interaction, having one community under one peaceful setting.” Johnson and Lynch, a 2012 Associated Press All-Pro running back with the Seattle Seahawks, have not forgotten Oakland and the camp is just one example of that. “First and foremost, it is a way for us to show our appreciation to the community where we grew up,” said Johnson, who is a 2004 Tech graduate along with Lynch. “It’s a way to interact with the youth in Oakland and steer them down the positive path of guys who have been in the NFL.” A morning session was held for ages 6-12, and after Johnson, Lynch and other NFL players gave autographs to a very long line of campers, a camp for ages 13-18 was held in the afternoon. Mixon is a five-star running back according to and has scholarship offers from 50 universities. “I came over to support Marshawn,” said Mixon, who first met Lynch at this camp before Mixon played high school football. One of the NFL athletes at the camp was DeJon Gomes, a 2007 James Logan High graduate.

Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch’s DUI case continues with no resolution yet

It does provoke natural tendencies to wonder whether there’s more to this story. “I could be far-fetched here,” Kevin from McKinney, Texas, wrote to the NFC West mailbag, illustrating how far the mind can wander, “but is it possible John Schneider and [coach] Pete Carroll are concerned with Lynch’s future effectiveness due to the new lowering of the crown rule? It seems to me that is a big part of his game and significantly contributes to his yards after contact.” There is no way the rulebook pressured Seattle into drafting a running back. Carroll and other coaches fear officials will struggle enforcing the new rule preventing runners from lowering their heads and delivering an aggressive blow to the opponent with the top of the helmet. The rule could affect Lynch, but league officials said they discovered only a few would-be violations per week when studying tape from last season. The Seahawks selected Michael because they thought he was the best back in the draft and well-suited to their offense.

Marshawn Lynch gets court date pushed back

Marshawn Lynch. (AP Photo) Lynch, 27, was arrested July 14, 2012, near his hometown of Oakland, Calif., under suspicion of driving under the influence. He was subsequently charged , but the case was delayed until after the 2012 football season. This year, the case has progressed slowly, with the defense asking to suppress evidence and dismiss the case. The suppression hearing was continued late from May until Friday, and now has been continued to November. Lynch, who pleaded not guilty, could face an NFL suspension whether hes found guilty or not. About 3:20 a.m. July 14, 2012, Lynch was pulled over after he was seen weaving between lanes on Interstate 880 near Oakland, according to an incident report from the California Highway Patrol. His Ford Econoline van nearly collided with two other vehicles on the highway, the police report stated.

Is Bautista under pressure?

1 , reports the Tacoma News Tribune. Lynch’s court date stems from charges filed against him for driving under the influence of alcohol in July of last year. Lynch’s next court date regarding the matter is a pre-trial hearing scheduled for Thursday, but the parties may negotiate and resolve the matter outside of court at anytime. If the parties cannot come to an agreement, then the next likely step would be that the matter would be set for trial. At this time, no trial date has been set, but a readiness hearing is scheduled for Dec. 27.

The truth about Lynch and Skittles

He deserves to have a larger role, and he will definitely get that with the Jets. However (because there is always a “however” with any Jets player these days), Ivory has seen injuries shorten his opportunities in the past, and he needs to prove he is not fragile if he wants to be what the Jets need him to be. Also, he is not a great fit for the team’s West Coast offense, which traditionally calls for RBs to catch passes. Ivory has three receptions in his career, so he won’t be on the field on third downs, and he could be relegated to the sidelines during games in which the Jets trail early and often. Cimini writes that the Jets’ offense will be “predictable” when Ivory is in the game. Ivory is going to get every chance to be the No. 1 player in this backfield, and if he gets 270-300 carries and plays on the same level in New York as he did in New Orleans, he could have a big season.

Oakland Tech grads give back to community

(Anda Chu/Bay Area News Group) DeLisa Lynch said the ritual continued to high school, and by the time he got to college, Cal head coach Jeff Tedford gave him cases of Skittles, telling him not to eat the candy all at once. Skittles would seem like a natural endorsement deal for Lynch but that has not happened yet according to his mother. I even contacted Skittles to see if they would donate some for the camp, she said. I told them we have a non-profit organization and we do a camp. I wrote them personally, but I have yet to hear back from them. Its been over a year, but Im not going to worry about that because he still likes Skittles. Lynch had about 600 kids at his camp on Saturday at Oakland Tech High, where he went to high school. Lynch, who rarely talks to reporters, did talk about his camp at the end of a long day on Saturday.


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