2013 Fantasy Football Preview: Marshawn Lynch

Marshawn Lynch’s court dates pushed back

GM Dave Gettleman echoed the same concerns last month by saying only “time will tell.” Stewart had surgery on both of his ankles shortly after the season ended. The 26-year-old running back was “very limited” at OTAs, sticking to riding the stationary bike. DeAngelo Williams and Mike Tolbert will likely split first-team reps for however long Stewart is out. It’s a murky situation. Giants OC on Wilson: ‘Still makes mistakes’ Giants OC Kevin Gilbride says he’s seen “significant improvement” in David Wilson’s second NFL offseason, but he’s “still not 100 percent” trustworthy as a pass protector and runner. “He still makes mistakes but there has certainly been some significant [growth],” Gilbride added. “Now until you get the pads on – and he has to show that he, as a smaller guy, can do the things necessary that other small backs in this league have done – you are still kind of holding your breath when you see him.” Gilbride wants Wilson to become a better pass catcher and pass protector before committing to the second-year back as an every-down player. Wilson is still in the process of gaining his coaching staff’s trust, making him a high-risk, high-reward RB2 fantasy football pick.

The basics of the Seahawks’ offense: Play action, Russell Wilson improvisation, & outside zone


Lynch was very consistent apart from his outstanding production in 2012, with over 80 rushing yards in 14 games and two four-game streaks with at least 100 rushing yards. Lynch was also highly productive during the playoffs in most fantasy leagues, averaging 117.3 rushing yards per game in Week 14-16 (over 100 yards in all three games) with five rushing touchdowns in that span. Even owners in leagues that use Week 17 enjoyed having Lynch right to the end, as he had 18 carries for100 yards and two catches for 14 yards against the St. Louis Rams in the regular season finale. Lynch will be Seattles clear-cut workhorse again this season, and despite the team using two drafts picks in April on running backshe has no significant competition for carries. The Seahawks offense could become a bit more pass-oriented with the acquisition of wide receiver Percy Harvin and the continued progression of quarterback Russell Wilson, but they should still be one of the more run-heavy offenses in the league this year.

Draft: Latest Risers & Fallers

Lynch has pleaded not guilty to the charge. Lynch’s trial had originally been planned for June 21st, but that has obviously been pushed way back. If parties can’t come to any out-of-court agreement, the next step would be trial, but this continuance extends things out a good bit. The next item on the schedule would be a readiness hearing on December 27th, close to the end of the Seahawks’ 2013 regular season. Though a trial date may be chosen before that day, it’s unlikely things will get started before the readiness hearing is conducted. Regardless, this likely means Lynch won’t be suspended by league commish Roger Goodell for the early part of the season but now casts a little bit of a dark cloud over his theoretical availability for the Playoffs, should the Seahawks clinch a spot. Lynch has a little bit of a history with Goodell: He was suspended for the first three games of the 2009 season for violating the league’s personal conduct policy related to a misdemeanor gun charge in L.A.

Now, imagine in 2013 the different things Darrell Bevell can do on this particular play. He could place Percy Harvin at the X and run vertical – it would be a tough throw for Russell to throw across his body, but perhaps one he could make -and Harvin could be in a one on one situation of the deep safety is a tad late. Now, imagine Harvin in the slot on this play, instead of an 18 yard gain, Harvin could possibly Russell Wilson Jersey Ebay break Finnegan’s tackle or accelerate past Finnegan and the remaining defenders (for 81 yards i.e. – a touchdown). This is the type of crossing pattern I believe Minnesota used for Harvin fairly frequently because he’s just faster than a lot of defenders. Lastly, instead of Zach Miller running the vertical route, perhaps Luke Willson and his 4.51 speed could threaten the seam and Zach Miller could stay back in pass protection (what McCoy does in the play above). Again, the free safety in this case would likely help in coverage on the vertical TE, leaving the slot WR one on one. 2. RUSSELL WILSON DOING HIS THING The second play that piqued my interest is the play that directly follows the previous play action pass I just detailed.


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