65-Day NFL Warning: The Seven Best Things About This Crazy Good Russell Wilson Highlight Reel

5. The throw at 6:10 Russell Wilson was drafted in the third round, presumably because hes small and lacks arm strength. This would be the time to mention he finished his rookie season with 3,118 yards and 26 touchdowns. 6. The play at 2:24 This is the most impressive play of the bunch, and its not close. An untouched blitzing Dolphin flies through the middle of the line, Wilson sees him, reverse pivots, rolls to his left, and, across his body and on the run, throws a deep out 40 yards downfield for a first down.

DeCock: Almost as if Russell Wilson never left Wolfpack

Not at all. I knew how Russell would handle the situation, said J.R. Sweezy, Wilsons teammate at N.C. State and, now, with the Seattle Seahawks. It doesnt surprise me at all. Its good to see him back. I wish he would have been back our senior year. Wilson has made several trips back to Raleigh since playing Marshawn Lynch Jersey his final year of eligibility at Wisconsin the latest this week for two days of the Russell Wilson Passing Academy at N.C. States practice fields and none of them has produced the slightest bit of awkwardness. If anything, Wilson is more at home here now than he was as a player, coming back as an N.C.

Russell Wilson: What’s in store for Seahawks QB in Year 2?

With Wilson’s well-documented and unmatched work ethic, this could be a big deal and help him get started much more quickly than in 2012. One area worth keeping an eye on is his passing attempts. As mentioned above, the Seahawks are still dedicated to the running game, but even by those standards Wilson’s attempts were low. He averaged 24.5 passing throws last year, one of the lowest in the league, and ESPN’s John Clayton doesn’t think he will throw more than 26 to 28 times per game this season. That’s obviously a downer for fantasy owners, but with the Seahawks’ run-first mentality, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise. Harvin will help expand the playbook and Wilson will have some exciting plays out of the read-option, but don’t expect the Seahawks to morph into a college offense overnight. This team still has the running game as its bread and butter. There are still concerns about his game, of course. His infamous lack of height means that he will require creative blocking schemes to help him see passing lanes.

ULMA victories go to Russell, Looney & Wilson

McCoin, who was looking to claim his first-ever main event at any ULMA race took command of the early laps and checked out on the rest of the field leaving Penney to battle with red-hot Vance Wilson, who was entering the race on the heels of 8 straight top-three finishes! By lap six, Wilson found a way to get around Penney on the close-knit circuit and began a long and steady journey to draw in race-long leader McCoin. Behind the top three Imhoff ran solidly in fourth but the best battle on the speedway was between Justin Russell and Kevin Coyne, who like the night before at Lucas Oil Speedway, seemed to be glued together the entire race distance. On lap 15, Wilson was right on the bumper of McCoin looking for just the slightest bit of room to make a bid for the lead. The door to that room opened on the following lap when the leader left just the slightest opening for Wilson to come through to gain the point. Over the final four laps as the lead duo raced through traffic, McCoin kept Wilson in sight but could never quite get the run he needed to reclaim the top spot.


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